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Electric Car Charger

About Us

Cracked Earth

The CPR Advantage

Global Demand

  • Global market offers immediate demand for battery metals and is forecast to grow significantly

  • Unmet supply for battery metals provides robust economic outlook and supports business model

Clear Path to Commercialization

  • Business model focused on aiding the global energy transition by providing high-value critical inputs

Experienced Team

  • Cross disciplinary expertise across, exploration, geology, operations, business growth and corporate finance

Strategic Resources

  • Projects all located in North America, offering high-integrity and responsible jurisdictions for development

  • Up to 3.4MM tonnes of Lithium resource providing a long-term asset


team pic2.PNG

Board of Directors

Office Picture 1 (2).png

Warner Uhl

Mr. Wuhl has 30+ years experience as a senior mining and engineering professional building and operating mines globally.

His recent experience includes leading major projects with Procon, KGHM, Iamgold, and Leighton Contractors

Alex W.png

Alex Wylie

Mr. Wylie has a proven track record founding, building and exiting high-growth businesses, from resource-based to health care.

He has expertise across business, finance, accounting and capital markets.

Mr. Wylie has a CPA CA designation.


Marty Scase

Mr. Scase has over 25 years of experience in resource and land management with Camber Resource Services, Cabot Energy, and Grail Hydrocarbon Canada Ltd.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Petroleum Land Management.

Kyle H.png

Kyle Hookey

Mr. Hookey has over 10 years experience in capital markets with previous experience at Goldman Sachs, JBWere and Euroz Securities. He is Partner and VP Corporate Finance at Cronin Capital, advising on M&A, transaction financing and corporate restructuring for private and public companies. Mr. Hookey is a Member of the CFA Institute.

Gen AL.jpg

General Andrew Leslie

Lt. General (ret’d) Honourable Andrew Leslie had a 35-year career in the Canadian Armed Forces that culminated as the Commander/CEO of the Canadian Army for four years during the latest Afghan War. Elected as the Federal MP in 2015, he was Chief Government Whip and a member of the Privy Council of Canada. In January 2017, the Prime Minister focused him on Canada-U.S. relations as Parliamentary Secretary for Global Affairs, and he attended the relevant cabinet committee on Trade. He has spent considerable time in the U.S. and across Canada interacting with military and business leaders, Governors and Congress on trade-related issues. With a diverse leadership background and vast decision-making acumen across military, business and government, he brings high integrity and strong corporate governance capabilities.

Battery Metals 101

Clean energy transition strains supply for all critical battery metals

  • Global supply/demand imbalance issue is accelerating

  • Total addressable market for battery metals expected to reach $32B by 2028 from $13B (2021)1

  • 'Big auto' plans to spend trillions of dollars in an effort to meet EV battery quota by 2030 (2)


  • Critical metal for battery production and renewable energy systems

  • No substitute in electrical applications

  • Demand set to double by 2035 (3)

  • $1.2 trillion industry investment required to address the copper supply gap (4) 


  • Highly reactive metal for power storage and regeneration in batteries

  • Demand 40x today's levels by 2030 (5)

  • The lightest metal, with density half that of water

  • Sodium-ion batteries are an emerging alternative

  • Governments are spending billions on EV charging infrastructure and subsidies to incentivize consumers to switch to hybrids and EV's (6)

  • Three of the most critical inputs in the race to electrify and decarbonize the globe are copper, lithium and graphite

  • Demand for battery metals is rising as electric vehicles and renewable energy continue to gain ground


Increase in demand for lithium forecast by 2030 due to EV growth


Tons of copper demand forecast by 2035, near double today's market demand

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